ELF service validator

The ELF service validator provides tests for INSPIRE view and download services. It is based on the ETF tool, an open source test framework for testing web services and XML documents.
It has originally been developed during the ESDIN project based on a patched version of soapUI and improved with additional capabilities (through Groovy scripts). In the ESDIN project also projects for testing view, download and transformation services as well as ExM data had been developed.
After the ESDIN project the following additions and improvements have been implemented by Geonovum and interactive instruments.
Test projects:

  • updated WMS / INSPIRE View Service tests
  • added WFS 2.0 / INSPIRE Download Service tests
  • added ATOM INSPIRE Download Service tests


  • added support for large scale XML data testing using BaseX
  • added support for spatial indexing and geometric / topological tests

In ELF, the following improvements have been made.
Test projects:

  • existing WMS/WFS/ATOM tests converted to XQuery to prepare for improved reporting
  • updateding existing WMS/WMTS/WFS/ATOM tests to support improved reporting
  • additional tests for ELF requirements
  • bug fixes in tests (ongoing)


  • updated to vanilla and new soapUI version
  • implemented web application
  • implemented new test runner and result XML/HTML for improved reporting
  • Deployment of web application using the view and download service test projects for the ELF project

Link to the web application:


Please record issues with the test in GitHub: https://github.com/Geonovum/etf-test-projects-inspire/issues for the INSPIRE-Technical-Guidance-related tests and the ELF-related tests.


Tool type: 

Quality assurance

Open source: 


Responsible party: 

interactive instruments


1.0.12 (ETF), tests have no version numbers

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